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We are biased beings - notes on the “...seeing my car..." post

I’ve gotten much feedback on my last post/article “Why am I suddenly seeing my new car on every corner?” and I will address them in this post as I think some of you have only taken part of the information I was conveying...

The goal of that last article was quite simple and I want to be sure that everyone grasp the fundamental concepts of it and why I try to write articles that bring us closer to understanding. But I side note first.

The Hell with Logic.

Yep, I was once one of those people you see out there; someone who actually thought that there was one logic to rule them all and that, for any type of situation or argument. But about 15 years ago I realized that logic has its limits, major limits.

But why I’m I saying this? Simple really.

As far as I can remember we’ve all at some point in our lives been taught that being logical has importance in our society. From following rules, even if they’re ridiculous, to having respect for a teacher that clearly has no skills, we were constantly told to oblige to submit.