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Foldable mobiles - Why we need them.

At a high level, foldable phones are fun. As a kid, I dreamed of having such a device, as I remember watching 2001 and the tablets/phones they had on the spaceship.

But the goal of this post isn’t to talk about who does what better and if this is a good design or not.

This post is about why I think this is good for us, the consumer.

Which one should you get - Tablet or Laptop?

Friends have asked about this basic dilemma so many times (especially in the last 2 to 3 years), I think it’s something we need to address for the masses.

Whatever brand you’re looking at, they all have products to choose from. But don’t go for hybrids (half laptop, half tablet), you’ll basically get the worst of both devices in one - and we don’t want that, do we?

So let’s keep this decision process short and fun.

At a standstill? Falling behind? Its time to up your Business Market Value (BMV)!

A colleague at one of my clients came up to me the other day and started asking many questions about his professional life. Some classic questions, others a bit more interesting like “How do you get more vacation time?” lol

But one of his questions was more interesting than all the others, and it was the following: “Knowing what I do here, how do you think I could be better off professionally?” Ah! Finally, a real question requiring more effort… My kind of challenge.

Interested, I started asking questions to better understand his current position, such as current responsibilities, years in the job, interests, etc. and finally asked him what he was looking for the shorter term and for the future.

The many dangers of bragging… even if you think you aren’t doing it.

Bragging can take many forms, from a trip you did a few years ago, a story about your childhood, money you or your family may have, to some other business deals you’re going after.

Either way, I think bragging isn’t ultimately about you and a problem per se, but more about how other people view you or hear what they think you’re saying…

This subject is coming up cause recently I’ve had a great discussion about bragging, and I’ll go straight to the point - I was told that many people around me thought I bragged too much.

We are biased beings - notes on the “...seeing my car..." post

I’ve gotten much feedback on my last post/article “Why am I suddenly seeing my new car on every corner?” and I will address them in this post as I think some of you have only taken part of the information I was conveying...

The goal of that last article was quite simple and I want to be sure that everyone grasp the fundamental concepts of it and why I try to write articles that bring us closer to understanding. But I side note first.

The Hell with Logic.

Yep, I was once one of those people you see out there; someone who actually thought that there was one logic to rule them all and that, for any type of situation or argument. But about 15 years ago I realized that logic has its limits, major limits.

But why I’m I saying this? Simple really.

As far as I can remember we’ve all at some point in our lives been taught that being logical has importance in our society. From following rules, even if they’re ridiculous, to having respect for a teacher that clearly has no skills, we were constantly told to oblige to submit.

When artists bite the hand that feeds

Here's a view on the current music business and what we can all learn from a "real" stories. - boomseb

Sam has little power over how the government manages the money he gives them every year in taxes. He also has very little control over how others manage their money, or spend what they earn on different products and services.

But Sam does have control over how he decides to encourage musicians, artists and other crafts. Why? Cause he values the ultimate creativity humans have over animals.