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Understanding Through Meaning

Understanding Through Meaning

Over the years I've softened up.

And certainly not because my opinions are less frequent, edgy or feeling less compelled to share them, but I find myself more capable of seeing passed them.

So what's going on then?

I guess getting older and wiser, I'm truthfully more capable of grasping differences, subtleties and the basics of someone's thinking - ultimately - do they mean well?

Overtime I now understand that we can have strong differences in opinion and even facts (if that's possible) but it should come down to a single thing - do we ultimately mean well...

And this is where and how I've softened up.

When I find myself in front of someone or a group, instead of trying to be right or wrong, I present my opinion, and then observe if their intentions are positive.

  • Do they create value?

  • Is the opinion they're presenting founded on the wellness of a situation and others?

  • Are their thoughts axed toward finding a solution?

  • Do they answer certain needs, or try to understand the problem?

  • Are they sharing knowledge or pure judgment and so on?

As Carl Sagan once said, "What's it all mean?".

Deep down, I'm even more opinionated than I've ever been, but the difference is, I'm now able to take a step back.

Also, this makes me prone to subjectively change my opinion, and grow much quicker, whether it takes a minute, a day or even months.

In business as in science, only fools are afraid to change their opinions.

So whether we're in agreement or not, if we all mean well in the process, it's much easier to find a consensus; a solution; a solid proposition.

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