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5 ways to get your creativity back!

5 ways to get your creativity back!

From great getaways and vacations to just hearing a new song, here are the top ways to switch your creativity back on and in motion. Some may take more time, effort or money than others, but I guarantee when you try even some of the simple ones, one will definitely work for you.

Creativity is part of the human spirit and we need to take care of it on a daily basis to stay sharp. From artists to business moguls, they all have some sort of secret place or activity to recharge and that should include you.

If you have an idea to add on the list, feel free to send to us and we’ll be happy to update our list of additional recommendations. So let's charge on...

Take a well-deserved break - go on an Escapade or Vacation

This is the foundation of it all... taking some time off is a must. You’ve been working hard for the past few weeks, months and still didn’t find a way to take some time off? Well, that’s bad for creativity, life, relationships and business; really bad.

At some point you need to take a break and the best moment is now!

Personally, I’ve identified that I need a minimum of 4 weeks of time off per year. Let's say one week during the holidays, 2 weeks during the summer and a few days here and there for daily escapades during the rest of the year to keep the right balance in my life.

But you can also just take a day to relax, read and walk around a new place you've been curious about.

This may be different for some, but remember, whatever floats your boat, you need to stop and take the time to live your life; time for family, children, friends, activities and discoveries.

What’s the point of working hard and getting the rewards
if we don’t use them?

Here’s a great tip: make your vacations different every year. Try new places, different activities. Based on many researches, it’s been shown that doing something different during your vacation is very beneficial; not just sleeping.

Make Yourself Uncomfortable

Too often I see people of pure habits. Doing the same thing, only just on a different day. We’ll I’ve found that making myself uncomfortable helps a lot.

From taking cold showers, training with heavier weights, sex positions, running a bit longer, swimming at night, waking-up earlier or walking in the woods with only the moon light; all of these little changes should break the mould; and that's great. That's the idea.

This is certainly one of the easiest trick in the list, and one of the least expensive ones to shake-up our lives; bring us back to life in our day-to-day.

It could be anything around you or even far away if you like, but the idea is to put yourself in an uncomfortable situation or activity. "Hey want to go lift?" No? Good. Then go and try it for an hour with a friend! You could be surprised at the results something similar can do for your creativity the next.

Get into a New Activity or Sport

The age-old classic of classics - get movin’. This is certainly one of my favorites, I need to lift and train on a regular basis. Not for muscles and feeling good, but simply to make sure that my mind is fresh.

Let me ask you this question… How can your mind be ready and creative if you have a soft and unhealthy body? Well, the answer is, it’s hard.

As Pablo Picasso once said
"Action is the foundational key to all success."

From swimming, running to lifting or doing an extreme sport, this is necessary not only for you but for your social circle.

You’d be surprised I many people I meet going to similar activities and how many deals or contracts I’ve made through the years just because I go to the gym, the parc or any other place on a regular basis.

Also, if there's one thing I've noticed, especially in the last few years, the most successful people I know and met all do it; it’s that simple. From walking, biking to running, anything that get's out there having some fun will help.

In the end, you'll learn new things and get back that creativity we all need.

Try New Things

Another simple solution to getting back your creativity is simply to try new things in your life.

Don’t be afraid and got out there and try new ways of working, or new ways to change your mind and relax. New approaches will most usually bring a fresh perspective on different subjects and that's critical to creativity.

For example, try working on a standing desk for a few hours a day. Or schedule a spa or massage a few times a year and give yourself a well deserve break and some quality time. Try a new restaurant, eat some food you've never tried before... anything can work.

One thing I did at the beginning of the year was purchasing a new standing desk for my home office. Yeah... we hear all about those on the Net, but my goal wasn't to jump on the bandwagon of the pro's and con's of it, but mostly just to change the way I work.

I found that the ability of changing my physical position has changed my perspective during times of challenge and I can only good in that.

Now I’m not saying go crazy about new things, but find ways during the week to tweak a few things and try something different. It's possibly inexpensive, simple and quick.

Sometimes you may feel this is a waste of time, and maybe you’re right, but other times you’ll find yourself discovering something new that will most likely help you get your creativity back!

Change Your Music

Headphones are big right now and that's good. Sometimes it’s fun to just get into our bubble and stay there for a few minutes... but...

If you’ve been stuck on that that Guns N’ Rose's album for the past 30 years, it's time to change that up! How about trying some djent, jazz, folk music, metal or some electronica for a change?

Simply changing the music we listen to may get us annoyed a few times, but other moments we can discover new trends and artists thus making us more creative min time.

You don’t need to continuously change what you listen to, but occasionally just go online and flip the switch for something different.

This will most likely get your creative juices flowing again!
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