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Which one should you get - Tablet or Laptop?

Which one should you get - Tablet or Laptop?

Friends have asked about this basic dilemma so many times (especially in the last 2 to 3 years), I think it’s something we need to address for the masses.

Whatever brand you’re looking at, they all have products to choose from. But don’t go for hybrids (half laptop, half tablet), you’ll basically get the worst of both devices in one - and we don’t want that, do we?

So let’s keep this decision process short and fun.

Tablets vs Laptops

Any type of tablet should be essentially purchased for consumption of information.

Any type of laptop should be bought for creation of content.

Boom. Done.

It doesn’t mean that a tablet can’t create anything significant, yes it can, but the fundamental limitations in relation to connectivity, third party devices, cables and so on - make it just ideal for information consumption.

Videos, recipes, social media, magazines, books, emails and all of those are just great on a tablet; they really are. You have long battery life, it’s easy to carry around; you need little to no dongles to do so and that’s great.

Some newspapers even deliver their latest release on these and so most of the information we get is seamless and enjoyable to get and be rapidly read; great!

Hey, if you stay within the ecosystem of a tablet, life is simple.


As a content creator, coder, musician, video editor, architect, designer and so on, many tools and applications we need or have require a bit more juice, connectivity and also, just a solid platform which we can just drop on a desk and start working.

As one of them, I don’t want to think about folding keyboards, too many adaptors or anything similar. I want to rapidly start working on my next project, whether it’s music, a podcast or a serious write-up.

As such, laptops, at least for me, still have the upper hand. In many ways, they still have that edge which enables us to create and then share files of any type to anyone, on any platform and fast.

On top of that, creators can’t start wondering if the app is available for this and for that. Most of us already have our own and they just have to work.

Applications such as Logic Pro X, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere and Lightroom, Audacity, Izotope Suite and so on still work better or simply require a good old laptop and some grunt to run them smoothly.

So if I can sum up my thoughts on this subject, the next time you wonder about going for a tablet or a laptop, don’t think about size or brand to start with.

First ask yourself, I’m I a content creator of some sort, or am I looking to mostly consume information.

For many, if not most, consumption of content will be key, and for that tablets are the undisputed champions.

But if you’re thinking of writing a book, creating music, eventually coding something or editing videos and music or designing graphics or a web page; laptops are king.

And whether you’re going with a mac or a PC, here are the key questions I always ask when people are asking for help on their next purchase.

1 - What are most of your friends and colleagues using?

2 - What are the apps you mostly use day to day?

3 - Do you exchange many files with others?

These questions are fundamental to make the right decision.

I especially love the first one. So for example, if most of your friends are using macs, this is a great way to start a possible purchase.

You’ll be able to get help and support, and on top of that, they’ll even tell you what they use, the apps that make a difference for them and give you tips and tricks.

But if most of your friends are using PC’s, don’t fight it. Go with the flow and have the advantage of friends support and help in case you need it. Especially when you get into a crunch, it’s fun to be able to count on friends to help out.

So there it is. Don’t fall to salesman and store discounts. Get what you need.

And finally, a small note on cost. For anyone that thinks a 1, 2 or 3 thousand dollar purchase is too much for these devices, I still remember the day my dad bought a dot matrix printer for thousands of dollars. Yeah, this was back then, but now, these devices will give access to a world of possibilities and enable you to do what you want and love.

So don’t be afraid to spend on what you feel will serve you best. Simply, own that purchase and make the best of it; create!

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