The art of talking about numbers and figures and what it really says about you - the truth is in the details.

My last years in computer science, software architecture, security and working with many different professionals and companies has taught me lots; more than ever.

The older I get, the more I feel I don't really know much, but I'm always trying to get better. And that's key.

For one thing, getting older in life, I found out that observing how people interact with us in the smallest of details ultimately tells us the truth about them.

And most of the time, we don't even know we're sending out this information to people…

Foldable mobiles - Why we need them.

At a high level, foldable phones are fun. As a kid, I dreamed of having such a device, as I remember watching 2001 and the tablets/phones they had on the spaceship.

But the goal of this post isn’t to talk about who does what better and if this is a good design or not.

This post is about why I think this is good for us, the consumer.